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Ed Green
If you're a friend on Facebook, you've seen this a couple of times. So feel free to move along. If you haven't seen this, please continue!

I'm an actor. Its shameless self-promotion. You should expect this by now.

For those of you new here...

I'd like to ask *everyone's* help. I've audition for the upcoming TV Contest show “The Reel Deal” (a fuller description of the show is below). If you have time, please go to this YouTube video and like and comment on it. Then, I would like to ask you to repost this for me. Need to get the word out as much as possible. FYI, although its listed as an 'audition video' its actually more of a personality / audition vid. YouTube these days tracks 'original' views, so its important that I get as many of those as possible!

All this is in prep for the final round of online auditons/call backs. During the last round, part of the decision on who gets to actually make it on the show will be determined by public voting. So, building the base now is part of the plan.

Thank you all in advance for your help!

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Hey folks, I'm cross posting this in several different social media sites. Yes, it's shameless self promotion. Welcome to my world. Carmind, where I play one of the recurring characters, has asked that I share a link for a *very* short survey (all of 8 questions). They are using the results of that survey as part of their planning/brainstorming future episodes. Future episodes = more work = a good thing. If you have a second could you take the survey please?

A minor disclaimers - I am *not* involved with the survey in anyway, except posting this link. Didn't think the questions up, don't know anything about surveys. Please feel free to address that stuff to Carmind.

Thanks for your time!

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So when I said I was sunsetting LJ, I hadn't been doing some reading on self-promoting one's work as an actor. Turns out, while I may not *post* a lot, I should be using *all* my social media sites for letting folks know about this stuff. So...


Liz Mortensen and I did a quick video poem for the upcoming Carmageddon this weekend (for those of you not in the LA area, Carmageddon is the term the news folks are using to talk about the possible horrific traffic snarl that the shutting of a major freeway is going to cause) in Los Angeles.

While many of you might have seen this on other sites, or gotten email about it, I'm doing a blast about it to get the word out and ask that people help with getting the word out. I'm asking that you:

1) Check it out (its on YouTube) and 2) if you like it, please spread the link around - social networking sites and the like. We're hoping for a nice numbers of hits on this thing.

Thanks in advance for all your help!

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...and thanks for all the fish.

This will be my last posting here on LJ. Nothing against it, nothing against the friends I have here, but for me its time to move on. I'll still be on Facebook.

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A web series that I'm a co-star in has finally been released. The series is called "Looking for Grace" and can be view at www.lookingforgrace.com

So today, I find out that Elston Gunn over at "Ain't It Cool News" (www.aintitcool.com) has seen the series, reviews it *and* interviews the creator/lead and the director.

I'm kinda gobsmacked. The lead photo in the article is a screen capture of one of my screens (its my arm).

The article is at http://www.aintitcool.com/node/47761

And check out the series itself. Its a great looking web series, and it was a hoot to have such a well written part.


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Long time fan, and one of the original members of the LASFS, Len Moffatt, passed away early this morning.

No further details available.

He was a kind and good man, who allowed me to live in his house when I needed a place to stay. I loved the guy, and I'm going to miss him.
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So, its time for the summer cycle of the Go Daddy commercial contests. And, surprise, I'm in two. I'm asking you to take a second, follow the link, and if you like the commercials, vote for them.

If either wins, the producers make a nice cash prize, and it might get shown on national television!




(And feel free to share the link!)
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Been busy with a lot of different things, including the acting stuff.

I've also been busy with Facebook, in part because of the re-connections I've been making with very old friends and relatives.

If you've missed acting updates, feel free to "like" Edward L. Green - Acting Updates on Facebook. Its not a fan page, its just a way to keep people informed on stuff.

Also, I have a damn IMDB page. Yup - scary thought.

It can be see here:


I suppose the 'biggest' news is that back in March I worked on a short film project called "The Garden". Its currently being showed at the U.S. Pavilion at the World Expo in China. Its an 8 minute production, shown in "4D" (whatever that means...)

Hope everyone has been well!
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From ThinkGeek -


And apparently, the reaction has been such that they've had to rethink this idea.
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Been a while since I had the time/energy to post any acting updates, so here goes.

1) Worked 3 days on an NBC Dateline show that will be part of the lead in stuff that's being done for Leno's move to Prime Time. I play a real world LAPD Detective working on the Sandy Berman murder.

2) Another episode of "Looking for Grace".

3) And 2 days on another music video. Featured player on one day. The video is for the artist Gavin Rossdale's "Forever May You Run".

First day I was an boss chasing Rossdale around the set, and then ended up on a grass covered hilltop, watching the sun go down.

I was booked for one day, but they asked me to return for a second day.

The next day, in downtown LA being a construction worker and a guy walking down the street.

Fun shoot, and it turns out that the music video in which I played a cop chasing band members around was produced by the same production company as this one. The Executive Producer saw my headshot in the submission file and booked me right away. Apparently the company *likes* my work and my attitude.

I also found out that the first music video is finished, but until I know where its being shown, I can't talk much about it. And trust me, I want to talk about that one.

And, lots of auditions. Life is interesting.
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